Omni-Channel (Unified Commerce)

Omni-Channel, or Unified Commerce, is a thriving and highly touted concept for multi-channel retailers in today’s customer focused sales and service. The ideal intent is to treat the customer’s experience the same whether you buy from the web, call center, business to business channel or a retail store.

– a BDP Expertise

The ‘BDP team’ established a fully functional Omni-Channel (Unified Commerce) solution over 15 years ago before the concept was even named by the industry, using a common PIM, tax engine, and promotional engine for all channels of consumer sales.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

The ability to predictably manage the process of designing, sourcing, manufacturing, and delivering the highest quality products are key factors in measuring the success of a PLM implementation. Collaborating with global suppliers, minimizing lead times, reducing quality issues, and eliminating compliance concerns are areas that can be efficiently streamlined and managed with readily available systems (if properly configured and implemented). Based on years of experience implementing PLM systems and a proven track record of delivering results on-time and within budget, our well-defined process minimizes risks while maximizing efficiencies.

Infrastructure & Security

BDP has extensive expertise in networking, infrastructure and systems software technologies, whether the company is hosting or enhancing its own infrastructure backbone and services, outsourcing to the cloud, or a combination of both. In addition, BDP has extensive experience with corporate security, from management of firewalls, to software protection services, to intrusion detection services. Use BDP for infrastructure and security assessments, cloud readiness, and compliance assistance, to better protect your critical IT assets and information.

Enspire Commerce

A Single-platform, Omni-Channel Solution with a customer-centric approach, which Enspire Commerce sees as the future of global commerce. With the convergence of Business-to-Business transactions, Order management, Point-of-Sale and e-Commerce Platforms, along with a traditional customer-retailer experience, there single platform software solution can pave the way to global success to drive your business.

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