AS/400 Is Alive

For many of us in the industry during the last 25+ years, the AS/400 was the go-to platform for any organization that required uptime (99.9%); reliability; virus protection; optimum audit capabilities; and little or no systems and file structure maintenance requirements. Many organizations invested a lot of money into making the AS/400 the core of their business applications strategy. Subsequently, many software providers developed applications which ran on the AS/400 platform; built upon the OS/400 operating system and DB2 data base. Software providers created applications and ERP solution(s) in most vertical industries throughout the world.

We, at BDP Technology Solutions, have a team of AS/400 architects, analysts and developers that worked with the AS/400 platform since its inception in multiple industries. Whether you are committed to the AS/400 platform for the short term, the long term or plan to transition to another business solution, we have the skills to help you in your future strategy. Please see more details below.

Power Processor Roadmap

Interesting AS/400 Facts

  • Multiple LPAR is the precursor to technology virtualization.
  • The architecture that does not require a team of systems and technical technologists.
  • Still within the strategic direction for IBM.

Our Team can assist you with the AS/400 in the following areas

  • RPG II / III / IV / ILE / FREE
  • CL / CLP / CLLE / OCL
  • DB400 & SQL
  • Cobol
  • Release upgrades, Performance Tuning, System Configuration
  • Communications - APPC, APPN, SDLC, TCP-IP, FTP, Websphere MQ, MQSI, EDI, SNA, ASYNC/BSYNC
  • Journaling and triggers
  • iSeries Navigator, Query/400, WDSC, RDI, DBU, DFU, EzView, PDM, RDI, SDA, Synon/2E Case development tool
  • Hawkeye Pathfinder, RPGXML, Kringle
  • Call Path/400, Zebra ZPLII, EzPrint
  • Automic Scheduler, Autosys, Robot, WebNM Help Desk, Byteware Messenger Plus
  • Client Access, Rhumba
  • Turnover (Softlanding), Aldon Change Management
  • Waterfall, Agile, other custom methodologies
  • High Availability
  • Establishment of Test and Production Environments
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Strategic Planning, Project management, SOX and PCI compliance, Staff planning
  • Staff augmentation, Documentation and training
  • Software evaluation and selection
  • Application design, development, customization, testing and implementationn
  • Transactional and operation database design, development and implementation
  • Business intelligence & reporting
  • Systems and infrastructure design and customization
  • Computer application operations automation
  • Retail, Direct to Consumer, E-Commerce, Business to Business
  • CRM, Call Center Management, Gift Card processing, Financial management systems, Taxation services, HR and Payroll
  • Manufacturing (discrete and process), Inventory Control, Distribution, Warehouse Management, Factory automation systems
  • Product Development, Supply Chain
  • Publishing and printing, Library Services, Healthcare, Fund raising, Insurance