About BDP

About Us

BDP Technology Solutions was founded on the belief that companies need a technology partner that will hold their business and IT interests above all others. The complexities of navigating today's enterprise technology landscape provide significant challenges for many organizations.

To ensure success, companies must focus on their core business strategy supported by an IT foundation built to support that strategy. The best IT foundation will also be nimble enough to support all future business initiatives as the company evolves in the market place

At BDP, we work with our clients to extract the highest return on investment for every dollar spent on technology to build a nimble IT foundation. From strategic planning to implementation and optimization; we have the people, processes and expertise to help your business reach its goals.

Unfortunately, many companies partner with firms to modify business requirements to fit within their technology standards. At BDP, we’re committed to assisting our clients in optimizing their current IT assets while advancing their technological capabilities to meet the business’s needs. Through this process, our customers are ensured successful and cost-effective results.

Our primary goal is to facilitate a long-term relationship that will survive our clients' ever-changing business needs and technology's continual advancement, while providing the optimal foundation for business growth.


BDP Technology Solutions, LLC was launched in early 2007 by three managing partners; Tim Bacon, Randy Dow and Mark Placy. The partners have had successful careers, each averaging over 30 years of information systems experience spanning various industries and technologies. Each has achieved positions up to the level of Vice President within well-structured and successful IT organizations. Individual areas of expertise are varied, with the last twenty years in successful hands-on management and technical roles in the direct marketing and retail areas of strategic planning, systems development and project implementation. The BDP partners have been recognized as industry experts, been involved in conference presentations, authored articles and participated as board members for various IT associations.

The company has grown over the years as experienced consultants continue to join our team, building upon a solid foundation for success and stability. BDP Technology Solutions, with the use of current technologies, has built a reputation for delivering solutions and guiding businesses through successful system automations while focusing on the customer's goals of improving productivity and building system solutions to complement their business needs.