BDP Advantage

Our Advantage

Technology will not succeed or even survive on its own — it requires knowledgeable people to empower the technology. You can expect the highest level of expertise, service and commitment from our teams. You will be uniquely impressed by our people and our personal approach to every aspect of our partner relationship. With every BDP consultant you receive:

  • A commitment to excellence — we’re accountable for our actions, we bring honesty and integrity into everything we do.
  • We have our clients and associates best interests in mind.
  • We listen carefully — no one has a monopoly on good ideas and they can originate from all levels within an organization.
  • We provide an appreciation for all roles in the Information Technology field by having participated in its evolution at all levels.
  • A passionate ambition for helping our clients meet the needs of the business, while developing the skills and experience of their internal staff, promptly and cost effectively.
  • A commitment to quality — it's the cornerstone on which we conduct our business. We provide our clients with the industry’s finest consultants, nothing less. Our commitment to delivering tasks as promised, when we promise, is not something we take lightly.
  • BDP provides a proficient team that will work tirelessly to ensure that all our projects are completed in the most efficient way possible.
  • Flexibility — we recognize that in today’s ever-changing work environment, companies require a certain element of flexibility with regards to IT. Our ability to provide clients with the right team at the right time, enables them to meet the fluctuating demands on their business.

We have been extremely fortunate to work side-by-side with some amazing companies, of all types and sizes. We are proud of our ability to adapt from business to business; and even more of our ability to retain clients for the long haul.

Our Mission

Our mission at BDP is to deliver outstanding results with an eye for the most value for our client’s investment.   Demonstrate, don't declare.

Our Guiding Principles hold us to the highest standards of performance, accountability and personal conduct. To help our customers succeed, we must understand their needs and how to improve their business.   Share information and knowledge.

Helping clients with change means we must thrive on change ourselves. We must be highly competent in our fields, keeping abreast of leading-edge technologies and practices while always seeking to continually improve our performance.    Measurable results.