Omni Channel

Omni-Channel is about providing a shopping experience that gives consumers the ability to choose how, when and where to receive his/her purchases. At its core, Omni-Channel is an approach to retail that aims to deliver a complete and consistent shopping experience from in-store sales, to e-commerce sales, business to business or direct to consumer through a call center. It recognizes the staying power of each and the expectation of the customer for a consistent shopping experience across channels of business.

Successfully implementing Omni Channel and personalized shopping experiences require not only a single view of the customer, but also a single and consistent item, pricing and promotional application, a consistent view of financial history including credits and especially a consistent customer loyalty program. Organizations must become truly customer-centric and leverage the information at their disposal to gain a full understanding of the customer, no matter where the customer interaction takes place. BDP has extensive experience implementing, enhancing, and supporting systems that enable the Omni-Channel experience. These systems include Oracle’s legacy products (CWDirect, CWSerenade. and Locate) along with the latest cloud based solutions – Oracle Order Management System (OROMS) and Oracle Order Broker (OROB).

Key’s to a successful Omni-Channel strategy requires:

  • Real-time visibility into their inventory regardless of its location — on shelves, in warehouses, or in a truck trailer.
  • Inventory locations that provide quick access to the inventory, whether in-store or for home delivery.
  • Accurate demand forecasts to best position inventory.
  • Single view of customer — retailers must assimilate all the data at hand including: shopper online behavior and browsing history, in-store and online purchases, inventory, market conditions and other sources.
  • The ability to collect data from multiple sources —and it is imperative to ensure that systems are fully integrated or that all channels use one common set of API’s for all functions.
  • Single sourced, consolidated data for extraction.
  • Advanced analytics to make sense of big data to deliver the personalized brand experiences customers expect.
  • Ability for mobile applications that suggest items and display coupons and ads for products on the shelves or displays in front of the shoppers.
  • Unified data in hand, so retailers and brands can personalize all channel shopping experiences with content targeted to the individual shopper based upon his or her affinity of what and when to buy.
  • Cost effective technology solutions to continually adjust supply chains to meet increasing requirements.

Finding the right people with Omni-Channel experience and the ability to optimize your business is difficult. Since its inception in 2007, BDP has been dedicated to providing world class consulting services for Omni-Channel Solutions worldwide.

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