BDP Technology Solutions understands Retail, whether hosted, outsourced or through cloud technologies.

The retail industry is incredibly complex and constantly evolving, most recently with Omni-channel retailing. Retailers today are dealing with mounting consumer demands, global competition and changing technologies that has added complexity to an already complex industry. Today’s consumers are looking for convenience, flexibility and a personalized shopping experience. Thus, providing a customer-centric shopping experience is critical to all retailers’ success. With social media evolving as a communication platform for shopping experiences, current technology solutions are paramount.

Mobile devices and technology will be an integral requirement for retailers going forward. Today’s consumer wants to be able to make purchases, use social media, research online, communicate with friends and purchase products, all from the convenience of their mobile devices. Technology is running at warp speed to keep pace with the latest consumer requirements and keeping up with the technology changes is a major challenge for all brands.

In an everchanging and extremely competitive marketplace, where educated consumers have many choices, retailers must continuously adjust their supply chains to meet increasing requirements. They require cost effective technology solutions. Finding the right people with the retail, supply chain and technology experience needed to optimize their business is difficult. Since its inception in 2007, BDP has been dedicated to providing its world class consulting services in these areas to retailers worldwide.

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