Supply Chain and PLM

Effective Supply Chain Management (SCM) is critical to the success of any retail business. The ability to predictably manage the process of sourcing, manufacturing, and delivering the highest quality products are key factors in measuring successful Supply Chain Management. Collaborating with global suppliers, minimizing lead times, reducing quality issues, and eliminating compliance concerns are areas that can be efficiently streamlined and managed with readily available systems (if properly configured and implemented).

As former IT executives of a multi-channel, high-end, apparel retailer, BDP has first-hand experience with all facets of SCM and how technology can be used to greatly improve this process. This experience includes expertise with numerous Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems from various software vendors. We have worked with clients to implement PTC’s FlexPLM, Gerber’s YuniquePLM, and Freeborder’s PLM system. In addition, we developed and implemented a custom PLM application for a multi-channel apparel retailer. This custom application ran for 10 years, was used daily by 75 users, and managed the apparel development process for a business with gross annual sales of approximately $500 million

Based on years of experience implementing PLM systems, we have established a well-defined process which includes project management, a detailed project plan, detailed process mapping, a conference room pilot, extensive testing, and training. This time-tested process minimizes risks while maximizing efficiencies related to implementing a project on-time and within budget. If you need assistance with any aspect of your PLM implementation, we welcome the opportunity to share our experience.

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